Machine Modernizations And Conversions

Machine modernizations and conversions; we have converted the machines which running by hot oil, electricity or steam to running by natural gas and by this way obtaining profit up to 60%.

  • Stenter, Drying, Ageing, Rotary Printing Dryer Machines have heated up with directly burning natural gas instead of heated up with hot oil or steam.
  • Predrying systems of thermosol process’ radiant burners.
  • Machines like Drum, Pipe, Haspel have equipped with heat exchanger that has directly natural gas burners instead of hot oil or steam systems (PATENTED).



Modernization of Dyeing and Washing Machines

Bleaching, washing, dipping, dyeing machines have equipped with directly natural gas burners instead of steam. Also ropes and hanks washing, dyeing, dipping and drying lines heating process can be done with directly natural gas burners. ( PATENTED ).


  • Corn, rice, sunflower etc. drying plants heating system with natural gas burners
  • Hybrid seed drying systems ( PATENTED )
  • Natural gas burners of nuts, peanuts, sesame roasting lines.
  • Eggplant and peppers gril burners.
  • Heating systems of vegetables and fruit drying ovens.


  • Landfill gas combustion systems
  • Biogas burners
  • The flue gas heat recovery systems
  • Burners for waste sludge drying plants
  • Textile wastewater treatment, water and energy recovery facilities. ( PATENTED )


  • Burners for perlite drying out and Perlite blasting and cleaning.
  • Burners for gypsum furnace.
  • Burners for aggregate drying facilities.
  • Burners for heating systems of spray ceramic coated.
  • Channel burners for ceramic pre-drying rooms.
  • Burner systems for refractory bricks – roofing tile drying and cooking.
  • Asphalt aggregate heating systems.
  • Roofing and wall cladding panel dryers.


  • Heating systems with natural gas for Tiefdruk flexo printing machines and also electricity to natural gas conversion.
  • Laminating machine heating and cooling stations.
  • Heating system of coating & varnishing machines.
  • Burners for cans coating ovens.
  • Cardboard paper drying systems.


  • Metal smelting, annealing and normalization furnace.
  • Heating systems of core making machines for drying and cooking cores.
  • Heating systems of paint drying ovens.
  • Burners for channel inside of dust collection systems.
  • Burners for metal shavings cleaning.
  • Heating systems of aluminum normalization furnaces.
  • Aluminum mold heating and after welding normalization furnaces.


  • Heating systems of impregnation ovens.
  • MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) drying and heating systems.


  • Cogeneration or combined heat and power (CHP) is the use of a heat engine or power station to simultaneously generate electricity and useful heat.
  • Burners for the temperature raising of the exhaust gas.
  • Combustion systems for flammable gas and oil particles in the exhaust gas.

Metal Paintings and Coatings

  • Heating systems with natural gas for wet and powder painting of cataphoresis coating line
  • Burning systems that operated with natural gas for enameling ovens
RAM Burning Systems

Stenters, Fabric Printing, Fabric Fixation and Fabric Dryer Machines which are running by hot-oil or steam. We have heated them with directly natural gas burning system.

Heated with directly natural gas burning completely finished Hot-Oil Troubles – Energy – Time and Money losing!...

There are many casualties in the hot oil heating systems until the heat meets with fabric.

  • Consisting funnel loss when gas had burned in the boiler,
  • Heat loss of boilers and installations,
  • Heat losses that occur during the first heating and cooling machine after stopping,
  • Heat consumptions for preheating of heat transfer oil in installation,
  • The electrical energy consumed by oil circulation pump,
  • Expenditure of electrical energy for first heating and cooling phase of the furnace's interior circulation fan motors,
  • There is need to renew of the heat transfer oil at regular intervals,
Gümüş Enerji - Natural Gas Burning Systems

Eliminating all these losses when gas fuels burn with sensitively controlled appropriate burners at right point. Beside these elimination,

  • The increase of machine performance,
  • Reduction of preheating and cooling time due to this workmanship and main expenses have decreased.
Gümüş Enerji - Natural Gas Burning Systems

We have combined our knowledge about combustion systems, mechanicals and automations with perseverance of working, our country love and longing for the beautiful.

We have achieved success with the support of strong companies who believe in us.

Gümüş Enerji - Natural Gas Burning SystemsGümüş Enerji - Natural Gas Burning SystemsGümüş Enerji - Natural Gas Burning SystemsGümüş Enerji - Natural Gas Burning Systems

The feasibility report as you can see below; there is an energy consumption for heating of 8 cabins stenter which ceaselessly working two shifts a day.



  • Energy required to heat the hot oil from 30°C to 180°C for preheating

    The amount of oil in the system = 10 Tons

    Q = M.C.ΔT = 10000 x 0,95 x 150 = 1.425000 kcal/day

  • Hot oil boiler flue losses

    Q = 1.200.000 kcal/h x 0.15 x 2 shifts x 8 hours = 2.880.000 kcal/day

  • Hot oil circulation line insulation loss

    Q = 1.200 kcal/h x 0.08 x 2 shifts x 8 hours = 1.536.000 kcal/day

  • Electricity costs of the hot oil circulation pump

    P = 30 kw/h x 2 shifts x 8 hours x 860 x 3 (natural gas/electricity) = 1.238.400 kcal/day

  • Heat necessary for stenter

    Q = 1.200.000 x 2 shifts x 8 hours = 1.238.400 kcal/day

  • Power losses of the fan motors of stenter and chain stimulating during pre-heating and cooling Stimulating power lost

    7.5 kw x 16 pieces + 25 kw = 125 kw x 3 hours x 860 x 3 = 1.122.300 kcal/day

Final Total = 27.501.700 kcal/day



Q = 1.200.000 x 2 shifts x 8 hours = 19.200.000 kcal/day

Final Total = 27.501.700 kcal/day


Energy consumption is 27.501.700 kcal/day in indirectly drying system with hot oil. Energy consumption is 19.200.000 kcal/day in directly drying system with natural gas.